EagleWiz Silver Sparkle Ceramic Oil Burner Wax Melter Beautiful Tealight Highly Detailed Heart Cut Out Design

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  • Silver Chrome Design
  • Product dimensions: 13 x 11 x 11cm
  • Material : Ceramic
  • Highly Detailed Heart Cut Out Design


Oil Burner Wax Melter

Beautiful Silver Ceramic Crystal Oil Burner and Wax Melter with a Silver Finish. A stylish gift for any oil burner lover Stylish ornament that would suit any occasion Note: The quality of our products is very good.

Elegant Cut Out Design of a heart-shaped oil burner. When not in use, the oil burner becomes a gorgeous adornment for the house. It is suited for practically any surface and is small and compact. A candle is not supplied. This ceramic oil burner features a cutout Heart face and a matte finish. This item is compatible with scented oil and wax, making it ideal for Halloween or spooky decor. These beautiful wax melts and oil burners make wonderful gifts for cat lovers in your life or treats for yourself. They are premium matte ceramic oil burners that are easy to clean and maintain because they are made of ceramic.

All fragrance/essential oils, wax melts, and fragranced salts work perfectly in the oil burner. Moreover, a lovely gift package that includes the burner Install a heatproof mat underneath the oil burner at all times. Make use of tiny, top-notch tealights. Never leave lit goods alone and keep them away from walls, curtains, and other flammable surfaces. Use a wet cloth to extinguish a flame when it poses a risk to safety. Keep children and pets at a distance.

With its cutout heart face and matte finish, this ceramic wax melter/oil burner gives any room a luxurious finishing touch. This is the perfect complement for any indoor décor project, whether you want to burn wax melts or essential oils. Based on the characteristics offered, it will surely function as the focal point of the space. These gorgeous burners are very wonderful at night. a classy accent to your interior design.

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Oil & Wax burner


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