EagleWiz RoseGold Crushed Crystal Glamorous Sparkling Tall Crushed Jewel Pillar Candle/Tealight Holder Rose Gold25cm

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About this item:

  • Attractive RoseGold colour with reflective mirrored Design
  • Ideal for holding both Candle and Tealights
  • Size H: 25cm W: 9cm D: 9cm Weight: 970g
  • Material: EVA, Glass, MDF, Plastic
Material Engineered Wood, Glass
Brand Eye on Elegance EagleWiz
Mounting type Tabletop


Crushed Crystal Pillar Candle/Tealight Holder

EagleWiz Crushed Crystal Candle/Tealight Holder Rose Gold Tower candle holder with emanating extravagance, this is quite Tall Crystal Pillar Holder with all panelled on the sides with reflective mirrored glass. Its front panel features crushed crystals encased and these shine in the light, while your candle sits in the crystal-effect holder at the top, creating a fabulous look and glamorous display.The crushed diamond Tall Crystal Pillar Holder is glam and modern for a magnificent dynamic effect in your house that helps to up the drama. adorned with a matching crushed pink and white crystal panel and a crushed jewel accent. The tealight holder makes your living room, bedroom, or hallway feel cosy and fashionable all at once. Warning: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Burn out any candles.Features beautiful crystals in a case panels of gleaming, shiny glass Elegant way to present your candles Information This Tall Crystal Pillar Holder, which is panelled with reflective glass on both sides, exudes grandeur. A magnificent and opulent display is produced by its front panel, which is covered in hundreds of translucent gems that shimmer in the light. Your candle is positioned in the crystal-effect holder at the top. Specification Warning: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Candles should be lit away from children and pets. When lighted or when wax is molten, do not move. Place on a level, flat, heat-resistant surface that is free from draughts and other heat sources. Size of the product is 25cm.

High-quality materials were used to make this item. Highly reflecting jewels with precise cuts produce a brilliant impression. complemented by a framework made of brilliant rose gold.
This candle holder’s superb form and elegant contours make it the ideal table decoration that goes well with any interior design.
The pillar candle holder is expertly made to provide a high-end feel and guarantee complete durability that exceeds most table centrepieces.

You may use these ornamental candle holders in your house with confidence because they have a perfectly stable base and stand made specifically to accommodate pillar candles.

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Rose Gold


Tealight holder


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