EagleWiz Heart Crystal Mirrored Oil Burner Wax Warmer Aroma Fragrance Wax Melter Candle Holder

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About this item:

  • Heart mirrored oil burner . Great in any home
  • Size 14 x 12cm
  • For wax melts or oils
  • Mirror Glass And A Crystal Design On The Centre
Light source type Candle
Brand Eye on Elegance EagleWiz
Material Crystal,Glass


Crystal Mirrored Oil Burner Wax Warmer

Mirrored Oil Wax Warmer Glass Panel Oil Burner With Mirror Glass And A Crystal Design On The Centre An idea LUXURIOUS GIFT. Crystal Heart shape mirrored oil burner . This will look great in any home. Measurements; 10cm x 10cm x 13cms For wax melts or oils. Great gift or just treat yourself.
Beautiful heart-shaped glass oil burner with a mirrored background and beautiful heart-shaped design. a wonderful present for any special occasion or a beautiful addition to any space. Simply lay a tealight underneath and a few drops of diluted essential oil on top to use with them. Additionally effective when used for simmering granules or wax melts.
Mirrored Oil Wax Warmer is a brilliantly embellished mirrored glass tealight holder with a sweet heart motif that was inspired by crystals in the centre.
This stunning tealight holder is made of mirrored glass and has a lovely heart design with crystals at its centre. You can use essential oils in wax burners, but it’s crucial to take some safety precautions. We adore essential oils, and if you’re anything like me, you can’t imagine not having them in your daily routine because their lovely aroma promotes relaxation.
It includes a dipping dish to keep your wax melts and oils to fill any space with a lovely aroma.
The wax melt/oil burner’s central design has a stunning crystals heart. a stunning spectacle when burning your preferred melts and oils.
Melting broken or tiny pieces of candle wax is how wax warmers operate. The aroma is released during the melting process and fills the space. Simply place broken, tiny, or cubed wax melts into the wax holder to start the warmer. Fragrances can be blended to produce new scents.
Heart crystal mirrored oil burner wax melt aroma fragrance could be an elegant addition to your home.

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