EagleWiz Sandstone Bathroom Accessories Set Including Soap Dispenser And Tumbler,Diamond Faceted Shape,Chrome Pump,Black

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About This Item:

  • Luxurious, onyx & Diamond appearance
  • Made of black sandstone
  • Soap Dispenser Size: Height:18cm Diameter:6.8cm
  • Tumbler Size: Height: 10.4cm Diameter: 6.8cm
  • Net Weight approximately: 520g


Product description:

Sandstone Bathroom Accessories Set Soap Dispenser and Tumbler. Set of 2 pieces black Soap Dispenser and black Tumbler  comes with its abstract-style body and shining black colour, This set looks like it has been carved from a block of pure onyx. Perfect for hand soap/lotions and ideal to store your toothbrushes and toothpaste. This dispenser set will bring a sense of lavish grandeur to your bathroom. you bathroom give look of the jewel-like sophistication.

A soap dispenser is a gadget that releases soap when handled or activated properly. It can be automated or operated manually by pulling a handle. Dispensers for soap can be seen in the kitchen and bathroom.
The time is now whether you’ve been considering getting a countertop soap dispenser or upgrading an outdated one. A soap dispenser is a must in today’s kitchen. More than ever, we wash, clean, and sanitise, thus having access to soap is essential to maintaining cleanliness.
Simply flush your pump with warm water and a little vinegar to clean it. Use a little extra vinegar and a toothpick to clear out really difficult clogs.

Before putting soap to the dispenser, let it completely dry. It is advised to flush your pump once per month, or after each fill-up, using warm water. Now you can store soap, lotion, shampoo etc.in your luxurious sandstone dispenser.

This diamond-faced black sandstone tumbler with a modern and fashionable design looks very pretty. This Sandstone black Tumbler’s rounded shape and subtle sandstone-effect texture will give your bathroom a sleek, contemporary look. Your bathroom furnishings can be perfectly coordinated for an elegant appearance that will wow your guests with the addition of a matching soap dispenser.

Bring this new luxurious set of sandstone bathroom accessories diamond faceted soap dispenser with chrome pump and tumbler black in color.

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