EagleWiz Set of 2 Hanging Panthers Ornament

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  • W 4cm x L 10.5cm x H 2cm (each piece)
  • Ornament Type Figurines & Sculptures
  • Material Resin
  • Care Instructions Wipe clean with a soft cloth
Brand NA2
Material Resin
Theme Animal

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2 Hanging Panthers Ornament

These set of 2 Hanging Panthers Ornament are made from a resin material. Attached with a string.  This hanging panther ornament would add a fierce touch to a range of rooms. It  would even be great as a gift.

The way the house is decorated and presented greatly influences the atmosphere there. It’s critical to pay attention to the décor because it influences the mood of the residents of the home as well. An attractive home is beneficial for reducing tension and anxiety. The purpose of decoration is to enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your home. For a variety of objectives, there are many distinct sorts of decorating styles. Each style has its own preference, significance, connotation, or cultural foundation. What kind of mood you want to create in your home is the most crucial factor in under following description .

An ecological resin substance in the form of a panther, with a strong design, is popular for home décor.
When positioned in the living room or office, it appears upscale and sophisticated.
It makes a nice decoration for the living room or for the bedroom’s table top.

This item will add elegance to your interiors and receive praise if it is given as a gift to someone you know. Due to the fact that it is handmade, there may be very slight variations in colour and pattern. The traditional style brings you closer to the wildlife. If you display this Black Panther figurine in your house, its understated elegance will infuse your decor with a dash of contemporary style and art. It is one of the nicest home additions you will find and looks really stunning in a lovely colour scheme with this figurine. High-quality poly resin was used in the creation of this lovely statue. It is constructed of high-quality materials.


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